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Founded in 2023, minimal emerged from a desire to simplify the often overwhelming world of weight loss. In an industry crowded with complex solutions, fads, and conflicting advice, we saw an opportunity to return to the basics – to strip away the unnecessary and focus on what truly works.

Through meticulous research, real-world application, and listening to countless personal stories, Minimal has grown into a trusted guide for those seeking a straightforward and effective approach to well-being.

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Director of the Body Program

dr vanessa g niles

Dr. Vanessa G. Niles

founder of Synergy Health Medical Evaluation Clinics

This type of Prescription medication is designed to address aspects of weight biology that are beyond our control. Our range of medications is supported by robust clinical evidence, guaranteeing both safety and effectiveness in assisting with weight loss.
We thoroughly evaluate various factors to determine the medication that is safest and most suitable for each individual member’s needs.