The Science Behind Weight Loss

Here, we demystify the journey of shedding pounds by exploring the delicate balance of calories consumed versus calories expended.

This page will guide you through the multifaceted factors, from genetics to lifestyle, that affect your body.

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understanding the science of weight loss

the caloric balance

Calories are the units of energy that fuel our bodies,much like gasoline powers a car. in weight loss, achievinga ‘caloric deficit’—burning more calories than you consumeis a fundamental concept. let’s explore how this balanceworks and why it’s the starting point.

beyond calories: a complex system

genetic factors

Our DNA holds secrets to how our bodies process
food and store fat. Genetics can dictate your metabolic rate, appetite, and even your likelihood of developing obesity. Discover the role of genes in weight management and why some people face different challenges than others.

environmental influences

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nutritional harmony

We craft eating plans based on the important roles played by macros (like proteins, carbs, and fats) and micros (such as vitamins and minerals) to make sure your body gets what it needs to feel full and energised. This helps cut down on eating too much.

how minimal utilizes this science

Minimal’s weight loss program is grounded in the science you’ve just explored.

We create personalized plans that account for your unique genetic makeup, lifestyle, and environment, ensuring a strategy that’s effective for you.

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mindful eating

Stress and emotions can lead us to eat more, so we include easy mindfulness exercises to help keep these in check, supplemented by medication when necessary. This combined strategy helps foster a healthier relationship with your meals.

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practical exercise

Our exercise routines go beyond calorie burning—they boost metabolism and promote fitness, enhancing overall well-being. They’re designed to seamlessly integrate with your daily life for lasting health.